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American Industrial Transmission is known for high quality transmission remanufacturing.  We sell remanufactured transmissions for lift trucks, small construction machinery, industrial equipment and more. 

AIT remanufactures transmissions for
Dana Spicer®
DaeWoo  (Doosan)
Auto Lift
Borg Warner
Lift King
Electric sit-down Riders
Electric Walk-Behinds
And more


In addition to remanufactured transmissions, AIT offers remanufactured torque converters.  We also sell transmission rebuild kits, transmission gasket kits, and transmission parts for industrial applications.

AIT has been in business for over 30 years.  We are experienced, thorough, and reliable.  Our customers get the customer service and knowledgeable support that comes with experience.  We sell our rebuilt transmissions and rebuilt converters to dealers and repair facilities throughout the world. 

AIT’s transmission rebuild kits and transmission gasket and seal kits were designed by our techs.  These kits include the components that are needed, but you will not be paying for the components that are only used in extreme overhauls. 

Transmission parts are available for most OEM styles.  AIT offers rebuilt transmission control valves for many applications.

After cleaning, inspecting, and assembling, we test each transmission.  AIT’s remanufactured transmissions are dynamometer tested to insure that there is no excessive noise, that all ranges are functioning, that the inching is working properly, and that the operating pressures are within specs.  We use a dye system to make certain that you do not experience leaks in your reman transmission.

Our remanufactured converters are built individually.  Many converter rebuilders use an assembly line technique.  AIT feels that converters should be rebuilt, welded, and tested as a single unit.  Our system results in a high quality product.  AIT’s rebuilt converters are checked for leaks and run-out before they are approved for sale.

Ordering is simple.  Call American Industrial Transmission @ 1-800-588-7515.  Ask for sales, and give the rep the model and serial number of your lift truck.  If available, give the data tag information from the transmission.  Our sales rep will respond with a part number, price, core deposit, and availability within moments.

AIT’s products are covered by a six month, 1500 hour warranty.  We will reimburse up to $750.00 labor for removal and replacement of a defective unit. 

Inventory levels of remanufactured transmissions and converters are kept high.  AIT ships over 85% of their orders within 48 hours of receipt.  We know that time is money, and we partner with our customers to keep downtime to a minimum.

We know transmissions!!



AIT can provide

You can quote any make or model of equipment with confidence.   We offer transmissions for forklifts, excavating equipment, cranes, electric lift trucks, telehandlers, small construction machinery, and many other industrial applications.

Most forklift transmissions are available as an exchange.  We own cores for most makes and models.  We offer most torque converters as an exchange also. 

AIT is pleased to boast that we meet or beat our delivery promises 95% of the time.

Quality remanufacturing is our goal.  We use environmentally friendly processes plus intelligent and well-structured methods of assembly and testing. 


We have over 30 years of experience.  We do reliable research and are sincerely dedicated to customer service.



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